Featured 15: Ryce

DSCN2443.jpgI joined Band in the 7th grade when I figured that it would be something to do other than art. I was an oboe player. Once I got to high school, it was too late for me to learn a different wind instrument for marching band and the band director said that I could join the front ensemble.

It was the best decision I could have made. Band and percussion has always been the one place that I could have always gone for anything, such as advice or support. I’ve made some of the closest friends that I will ever have in band.

The people in percussion have opened me up to a completely new world of potential that I have and have become a sort of extended family for me. This school year has been by far the hardest for me for a few reasons; I’ve battled extreme depression and anxiety.  In spite of that, each day I know that if things get too bad, I can go to anyone in my family (section) and have support. It is truly the most incredible decision that I could have made to join band, especially percussion.

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