Featured 15: Justin

MB Silhouette.jpgWhen I was a kid, my mom worked for the local high school band.  She was a majorette instructor.  I was always at every practice, even band camps.  When the band would practice, I would watch the tenors play.  I just thought it was so amazing.  How could someone play so many drums at once!?

When I finally got to the summer before 7th grade, the middle school band directors asked my mother and I what I wanted to play.  Of corse I said drums.  They said that there wasn’t anymore room for drummers at that time.  I was so sad, I almost started crying.

My mother explained to them that I had been watching the drums since I was a baby and that it was all I had ever wanted to do in the band.  The directors decided to allow me to be an alternate for the percussion section.

After that, I just practiced very hard.  And I tried to stay positive.  It wasn’t long before my skills were better than some of the actual percussionists in the middle school band.  That’s when I was taken off of my alternate status.  I was so happy.

Later, in high school, I ended up playing in that same band that my mother taught for.  I was on the drumline and eventually became the head drum major.  After high school, I got the chance to play for my college drumline as well.  It was always my dream to be on the drumline.  And I’m glad that I got the chance to do so, even after I almost wasn’t allowed to.

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