Basic Drum Rudiments

This fundamental rudiment sheet lists 16 basic snare drum rudiments that every young percussionist should learn. Also, it breaks down how stroke rolls can be counted easily. Whether a 5-stroke or 17-stroke, once you get the hang of this method, counting strokes for your rolls will be effortless. Use this sheet in your daily rudimentary practice. Rudiments should be practiced in an open-close-open format that is meant for increasing speed without sacrificing accuracy. When practicing outside of the open-close-open format, be sure to use a metronome in order to gain a better understanding of the timing that goes along with each rudiment. Happy practicing.

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Name: Derek

Age: 22

Primary Position: Bass Drum

Other Positions: Snare

DOA Status: Performer

Current Ensembles: Drumlines Of America

Former Ensembles: Bethune-Cookman University Marching Wildcats

Studying: Digital Media & Graphic Design

Hobbies: Watching Movies

Future Plans: Hopes of Having a Career in Comedy

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Meet The Players: Dee

Name: Dee

Age: 25

Primary Position: Snare

Other Positions: Cymbals & Bass

DOA Status: Performer

Current Ensembles: Drumlines Of America

Former Ensembles: RPT Percussion, Infinity Percussion PIA, University Of Central Florida, & Daytona Destiny Drumline.

Taught at: University High School (Orange City), Atlantic High School, Harmony High School, & RPT Percussion.

Studying: Information Technology

Hobbies: Drums & Basketball

Future Plans: Become a Network Engineer and Firefighter