Music Downloads


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Basic Rudiments

Full Ensemble Exercises:

Going Down On 8s

Hateful Eights

About Hugga Dugga

Timing and Partials

Follow My Flams(redwood tree)

Mallets Exercises:

Simple Rotations

Snare Licks:

Christmas Challenge 2020MP3 Track Link

All American 16 lick

All American 17 lick

Tenor Licks:

Uproar by Lil Wayne

Other Material:

“Bawitdaba” by Magic of Orlando (full score)

“Circle Of Life” by Banished Beyond (full score)

Double Beat 04 by SCV (full score)

“Electric Wheelchair” by SCV (snare only)

Glassmen Drum Cadence (full score)

“Jig 2” by Oak Mountain (full score)