Featured 15: Kaitlyn

unnamed-1.jpgWhen I was in the 7th grade, I had just moved across the country and I wasn’t very good at reading music yet. One day, while playing a song, my teacher said “Kaitlyn, that was horrible. You’re never going to become a good snare drummer and you’re going to fail this test coming up if you play like that.” I almost started crying. After that, I felt so discouraged that I would only play mallets.

My freshmen year of high school I decided to do marching band. I tried out for bass drum and I didn’t make it.  All my other friends who tried out, made it. I was in the front ensemble. I was told that I was good in the front, but that wasn’t where my heart was. For indoor drumline, I tried for bass drum again, and I didn’t make it, again. I was very mad that I didn’t make it and I thought I would never be on battery. I ended up playing in the front ensemble (marimba), but I didn’t like it.

Last January I decided I would work on my snare technique. I also decided to prepare for the upcoming marching season, auditioning on bass drum again.  I tried out for bass and snare, and I got the snare spot!  While marching band was fun, I was most nervous for indoor drumline. It was very competitive. I worked incredibly hard to get where I was. There were 5 open spots and 8 people trying out. I was the least experienced.  I had to choose between front ensemble and battery.   I could’ve easily made front ensemble, but I wouldn’t have liked it.  I made a risky choice and tried out for battery. I made it!  It’s so much fun and I’m the only girl in the upper battery.

My motivation was to prove to my middle school band teacher that I could become a good snare drummer. My older brother also played snare for marching band and I wanted to be just like him.  I took that one negative in my life and turned it into something positive.

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