Featured 15: Daedryn

Band120626a062.jpgBefore I was born, my dad was a professional drummer.  He would travel a lot, playing different concerts and shows.  He even played at the 1992 Grammy Awards with Mariah Carey!  I really looked up to him.  I’ve always wanted to follow in his footsteps, since I was a small child.  This was how I initially took an interest in drums.  Later on, I was able to watch the movie “Drumline
.”  That was really where my path changed.  I just fell in love with marching percussion.

Eventually my dad became very sick, always in and out of the hospital.  It was extremely hard, but I wanted to make him proud.  That’s when I decided to start playing myself.  I joined band, and never looked back.  I love my dad, he is my inspiration.  He is why I play.

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