Spotlight Artist: Ralph Nader


Artist Profile: Ralph Nader

*Steppers Marching Band(Black Fire Percussion), Hampton University, Blue Devils, Cold Steel International, Disneyland Soundsational

Primary Instrument: Snare.

Teaches at: BAM! (Berlin)

Taught at: Hickory High School (Chesapeake, VA).  Also a clinician for schools in Australia and Taiwan.

Other  Associations: Seeed and BYOS.

Inspirations & Motivations: Being a positive influence and sharing his gift with the world. “There are a lot of school music programs that no longer exist due to cuts in funding, so I use BYOS as an outlet to connect people all around the world through music.”

Interesting Moment: At about 5 or 6 years old, his neighbors would frequently call the cops about his drum set playing.  That was when he joined the Steppers Marching Band. 390103_728862811331_517804386_n

Quote: “I enjoy performing and connecting with my audience.  Putting a smile on someone’s face, influencing others, and watching them appreciate what I do; those are the best things in the world for me.  When I teach, I focus on building character and a personal relationship with my students and audience.  I want people to know that I’m just like them and that they can accomplish so many things, as long as they stay dedicated to what they love.”

Ralph Nader playing “Bang Dem Sticks”

A special thank you to Ralph Nader for taking the time to speak with Drumlines Of America.

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