Phantom Bus Accident

by JD

On the morning of July 2, one of the busses carrying some volunteers and staff members for Phantom Regiment (DCI) blew a tire while traveling.  Subsequently, the bus went out of control and ended up rolling near the Arizona-California border.  The bus driver was killed and several others were taken to hospitals in serious condition, some being airlifted.  Officials believe the driver was not wearing a seat belt. 14 people were on the bus at the time, none of which were performers.  Since the accident, Phantom Regiment cancelled their DCI performance in Mesa, Arizona but is now performing again and plans to continue with the rest of their tour.  All who were injured have been released from hospitals and are either back on tour or at home recovering.  Please keep Phantom Regiment and their loved ones in your prayers.  14290064_G.jpg

photo by 12 news

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