Featured 15: Kodi

Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 8.01.34 AM.pngThroughout my early childhood my grandpa would tell me stories of how he played drums in the military. Not many members of my family were musicians so to hear him share these memories was absolutely fascinating. When I reached 6th grade, my heart was set on percussion but I was awkward, uncoordinated, and I had no sense of rhythm. I stuck with it for a few more years and coasted along not really digging into the instrument.

And then high school hit. My high school is an environment in which band flourishes. It is celebrated, the drumline is incredibly dedicated, and ohh man it is fun. I fell in love with playing in the front ensemble and I finally found my niche. Through high school band I was also introduced to DCI and WGI. My mind was blown. From that point on I was dedicated to play marimba with a corps and I went to work. Our high school tech staff was full of DCI age-outs and current marchers so I had an opportunity to learn from some of the best. Two years later, I am a current high school junior, center marimba in my HS front ensemble, and I will be marching my rookie season with The Cadets this upcoming summer.

Being a part of a drumline opened up so many opportunities for growth, with regard to character, leadership, and musicianship. The players around me challenge me each and every day to continually push my limits. This year, we wanted to extend the impact of our drumline not only to the players, but also to society. We have partnered with Charity: Water which provides clean water for communities around the world. Check out https://donate.charitywater.org/lynda-warner/dragons-for-water to learn more about the project and to donate and help the Carroll Indoor Drumline meet our goal!

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