Featured 15: Luke

unnamed-1.jpgI already knew I wanted to play drums, but when I got to the 6th grade, my mom made me play alto saxophone instead. So I went with it for a while until drum line try outs came around. Then my band director helped me build the confidence to audition on snare drum.  I didn’t make the line.  I felt as if I was never going to touch a drum again.

I was crushed. I felt like I would never be that excited for an audition again, but somehow my parents and band director got me back into it.  My band director did all he could for me, even getting the center snare to give me some lessons.  It really helped me build more confidence.  So I went to auditions again next year. I’m so happy they did because I made the line that year!   And I aced everything they threw at me.  Now I am captain of my drum line and getting ready to march drum corps.

I learned to not give up your dreams, because if I had given up then I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to be the leader I am today. Nor would I be a DCI tenor player in the upcoming season. So to everyone who got cut from their first auditions… DONT QUIT! because you can always come back next season like a boss!  My life motto for musicianship: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

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