Featured 15: Ellen

unnamed-2.jpgI was just a quiet person in school.  I got bullied a lot by other kids because I was new and I didn’t know English very well.  Everything started when I would stare at the drumline every single day at lunch.  It was just a habit, because I was so amazed and interested. I didn’t really have the courage to talk to them because I was scared that I might get bullied, so I just kept admiring them.
One day, one of the snare players caught me staring and asked why I had been looking at them. I just told him that I was really amazed at what they were doing. He laughed and then introduce me to their line and their band director. They were all so nice. A week after that I met Mark, a sophomore on the line.  That’s when I decided to join the band. Mark started teaching everything I needed to learn, like holding the sticks correctly and all the rudiments. Later, I ended up on the snare line with him.
I eventually got to know everyone in my band and they are absolutely awesome.  Everyone is like my family now.  Being with my band at every competition and football game is always memorable and fun. We have ups and downs, but we always make it. And they also bring out the best in me. I came out of my shell and became more sociable. It has been such a fun and amazing experience.

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