Featured 15: Trevor


Today we introduce our “Featured 15” series.  15 stories in 15 days about what drives and inspires you all!  Today we begin with Trevor…

Featured 15: Trevor Kabateraine

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Unlike most who have been involved with music since elementary school (or earlier), I started being involved with music during eighth grade as a flute player. A FLUTE player, I know! At my junior high school, eighth graders are given their choice of elective classes and one of my closest friends (now the drum captain) had convinced me to join the beginning band.
I played flute from 8th to 9th grade and bassoon for concert season of my sophomore year and it was not until the fall season of sophomore year that I developed an interest in marching percussion. I was drawn to marching percussion, not only because I had a newfound ambition to march drum corps, but also because of a very important person who played a huge role in the development of my percussion fascination, my friend Josh.
Josh was a member of the snare line at the time. I messaged him during my transition from freshmen year to sophomore year regarding my choice to switch. He was not only very informative, but encouraging.  If not for him, I can guarantee i’d still be playing flute. Along with him, I became inspired by watching I&E videos of players like Chris Drummer, Keelan Tobia, Onye Eme-Akwari, and Kaito Hatura.  Additionally, players on Instagram such as Parker Matthews and Gene Abella are very important roles in my journey, as well as Elijah Jones.
I started as bass two for marching season and then during indoor season I was moved to bass five. Around the first couple months of 2015 I knew I wanted to join upper battery but I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to. I wasn’t very confident in my abilities and I convinced myself I wasn’t ready. I took the chance anyway and tried out for quads and much to my surprise, I made it! I marched quads that year (junior year) and onto senior year as well.
This indoor season I tried out for OCI (Orange County) and Odyssey Percussion, both of which I was cut from. Personally, it was a very discouraging, but I want to emphasize how crucial and enlightening it was. To quote Gridbook Series educator Mark Perrett, “You have to get cut.” Getting cut was a very humbling experience for me and it helped open up my eyes.  I didn’t think I had a guaranteed a spot, but I did have a lot of confidence because (in my mind) I played well. While it’s important for players to acknowledge their skills and potential, they need to recognize their is ALWAYS room for improvement. Like any craft, you need to be patient and you you’re going to suck at times. If you really want to get where you’re going, you’ll put in the time, work, and determination to get there; no matter the cost.
My current goal is to some day march with the Blue Knights organization.  I’m three months away from being eighteen and I recently got an opportunity to march quads with the Elan Youth Arts Ensemble. I’m finding out new things about my playing and getting better everyday. Your goal is your destination, your determination and ambition are the road. Use your passion to fuel your journey, and let your hard work steer you the rest of the way.
” Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”-Albert Einstein.

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