Beat Builders Review

by J.D.

Recently, Universal Studios Orlando Resort has unveiled their new percussion show entitled “Beat Builders.”  At face value, this looks to be yet another of those same old bucket & trash can drum shows.  We’ve all seen Stomp and Bring In Da Noise, so why would we want another one of these?

Well after giving these guys a chance, they definitely won me over.  Not only are the performers personable and very talented, they are extremely diverse as well.  This show gives the audience a wide variety of styles and has something for each member of the audience; young to old, experienced percussionist to non-musician, passive onlookers to interactive fans.  I cannot see why every single audience member didn’t have at least one solid moment during this show that they truly enjoyed.  Another great thing about this show is that it’s FREE (with park admission)!  Throwing it back to the Stomp days may seem a bit overplayed in the percussionist community, but these guys did it very well!  Great job, Universal.

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