Chavez Bass Pad

by Alissa


Alright guys, this one goes out to my fellow bass drummers/future basses. I just recently received a bass pad that has completely changed everything. Originally, the only bass pad on the market was a double sided piece of metal with rubber on it. I can’t complain because it served its purpose, but come on, we deserve something a little bit more. Don’t you think? Well, the time has come and our prayers have been answered. There is a new bass pad out and it has a lot to offer. The Ahead Chavez Marching Bass Pad is a double sided, mesh headed, and tunable (yes, I said tunable) piece of heaven.

Okay, now let me rewind a little and explain more. The features this pad includes are life changing when it comes to practicing bass drum. The mesh heads allow the drummer to see exactly where they are playing and the heads have a center patch so you can hear if you are hitting the center or the outer edge. These heads also provide a more realistic feel compared to pads in the past. Did I mention that you can remove the mesh heads and replace them with actual drum heads? Just another amazing feature that is included with this pad. Now for my personal favorite, the most valuable character trait in my opinion, the pads ability to be tuned. By simply rotating the playing surfaces you can recreate the feel of any bass between 18″ and 32″. So no matter what bass you play, this pad gives you the ability to practice without having to bring your drum home. This product is something that I strongly recommend investing in if you want to continue developing your bass technique and playing ability.

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