Spotlight Artist: Spencer Murray

Spencer Murray
Spencer Murray

Artist Profile: Spencer Murray

*Blue Stars, Cavaliers, University of Illinois, Orlando Magic’s Rhythm N Blue, Universal Studios Florida.

Primary Instrument: Snare and Tenors.

Teaches at: Boone High School (Orlando, FL).

Other  Associations: C-U Symphony, Central Illinois Prairie Jazz Ens, Mark Foutch Brass Band, Infinity Percussion, Cavaliers Indoor (Green Thunder Percussion), Apopka High School, Atwood-Hammond High School, Urbana High School, Champaign Central High School, Tarpon Springs High School.

Other Skills: Composing & Arranging.

Awards: John Philip Sousa Award (8th grade), John Philip Sousa Award (12th grade), Boston Crusaders Best American Cadence contest champion (video below).

Inspirations & Motivations: Wife & two-year-old daughter, and those who told him he couldn’t early on.

Favorite Moment: Receiving the news about joining the Cavaliers, and DCI Finals 2009 with the Cavaliers.

Owner of: BlueGreen Music and Murray Percussion.


Boston Crusaders playing “Cantamos” by Spencer Murray

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