Opportunities with DOA


Reports To: Performance Manager

Job Overview: DOA Performers are known to be young, energetic, and possess elite musical abilities. These individuals are sent to remote locations where clients have requested drumline/percussion/marching band performances. They are expected to deliver ‘feel-good’ performances that are fun for the audience. All performers are employed as private contractors.

Responsibilities & Duties: Deliver top quality drumline performances. Must appear to be having a great time. Playing, marching, dancing, and smiling are all required. Must be able to improvise. Must support Performance Manager in any other reasonable tasks. Some lifting of instruments, instrument maintenance, and driving may be involved.


-High School Graduate

-18 years or older

-College, Corps, Indoor, or Professional percussion experience

-Must be able to travel out of state

-Must be able to lift at least 75lbs

-Must have a smartphone

-Must be currently located in the Central FL area

Availability: Part-time, As Needed. Performers are not required to attend every performance.

Compensation: Contracts vary. Performers are notified of compensation prior to acceptance of specific contract.

Apply Now: Please send resume and a video of yourself playing to DrumlinesOfAmerica@gmail.com.

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