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Let the stick breathe!

by JD We’ve all seen it, the “Death Grip!” When a percussionist grips the stick/mallet so hard that their hand begins to cramp or their knuckles turn white. It causes discomfort, senselessly uses energy, and makes a horrible sound. Loosen up your grip and…

Meet The Players: Ashley

Name: Ashley Age: 30 Primary Position: Cymbals Other Positions: Tenors, Tenor Drum DOA Status: Performer Current Ensembles: Drumlines Of America Former Ensemble: Florida A&M University Volunteers with: Ocoee High School drumline Occupation: Teacher Hobbies: Music & Movies Future Plans: Become a high school principal

Best of Both Worlds

PASIC 2018 high school snare drum champion: Jeff Prosperie

10 Tips for the Road

Professional performers (especially musicians) often have to get on the road when working. Each night is a different gig and can present some different challenges. However, some of the challenges that we see on the road happen often, if you are not prepared. Here…

Meet The Players: Sebastian

Name: Sebastian Age: 20 Primary Position: Cymbals Other Positions: Bass Drum, Front Ensemble DOA Status: Performer Current Ensembles: Infinity Percussion PIW, Drumlines Of America Former Ensemble: Infinity Percussion PIO Studying: Veterinary Medicine Hobbies: Percussion, Fishing Future Plans: Become a Veterinarian

Penn State 2019

Director vs. Tech

by J.D. Often times band directors hire percussion instructors under the guise of being a “Percussion Technician,” but many of these instructors find themselves doing the work of a Percussion Director. There is a huge difference in technician pay and director pay, and it’s…

Days Of Elijah

Meet The Players: Alissa

Name: Alissa Age: 19 Primary Position: Bass Drum Other Positions: Visual, Cymbals DOA Status: Manager, Performer, Blog Writer Current Ensembles: Drumlines Of America, Infinity Percussion PIO Teaches at: Ocoee High School Studying: Psychology, Criminology Hobbies: Percussion, Aerial Arts, Swimming Future Plans: Interested in pursuing…

D.O.D. Christmas 18

New Junior Director

DOA Family, please welcome our newest Junior Director, Jaxton (aka JackJack) to the world!

Tenors 101 [update]

The date for Tenors 101 has been changed to November 11th!